Sombre Moon are an electronic duo from Gloucestershire UK, Steve Loxley (Ds73) and Amanda Jane Rogers met in 2014 and not long after followed Recovery. Both released other music since but decided to restart an idea, SOMBREmoon. The first release Blurred Re&lity (single ) Oct 2017, Here&fter (single & ep) EP Feb 2018 followed by Prayer (single ) June 2018 and Prayer EP July 2018. We have been lucky to get great airtime worldwide on internet and FM radio stations. July saw new rehearsals with a view to taking it a step further for live gigs. Blurred Reality produced by Gary Watts of Nature of Wires . Prayer produced by Mark Kendrick of Fused Music. Our music is available in most online stores. Bandcamp is where we promote our music and have t shirts available.