It doesn't seem five minutes since all of this began but we've only gone and hit 2000 downloads! It all happened on new years day and I missed the moment but it's a massive milestone for everyone involved.

It's been amazing to find some of the most talented artists and bands over the past few months. At first I thought the possibilty of finding anyone who offered more than cover versions would have been impossible, but we've been introduced to genres and sub genres of music I didn't know existed. We've had synth wave, punk, electronica, jazz funk, rock, metal and pop! All self penned, totally original and completely unsigned. Sometimes I need confirmation from the artist because it's unbelievable that they've not yet been snapped up. I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

So we've had music from as far north as Elgin and Finland, and as far south as Australia and everywhere inbetween. The centre of it all is Matlock, and the bands from Belper, Derby, Wirksworth and Alfreton have been key to the Casimir Engine Show Podcast. 

We now have our own website as the home of every episode and a place for all of the gossip.

Thank you for all of the downloads, recommendations and social media chat. Loved every single minute of it.

Here's to a great 2019!


Casimir X

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