Positronic is the creation of Michael L. McDannold. Michael is from the Inland Empire in Southern California and has been making Synth-pop music since 1988. His first band was formed in 1988 with some friends from High School and it was named, “Foundation”. His next band was also with some friends from High School and was called, “Optic Rain”. Shortly after Optic Rain broke up, Michael moved to Michigan to marry his love. He formed another band in Michigan called, “Kultur Shock” which eventually broke up over musical styles. See, Michael believes music should be fun, uplifting, and enjoyable, not somber or depressing. After breaking up with Kultur Shock, Michael decided to venture out on his own and came up with the name, “Positronic” because his music has a positive message and overall feel and is electronic. Michael recorded a few songs and released some slide-show videos on YouTube. In 2011, Michael moved back to California and finished his first album called, “Synergy”. It has only been released on Soundcloud. In 2017, Michael wrote the song, “Sweet Summertime” and then songs just started pouring out of him. He finished recording and mastering his new album, “A New Day” near the end of 2018 and released it online in January of 2019. He released “Sweet Summertime” and “Higher Point Of View” as singles toward the end of 2018.

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