Derbyshire producer Debris Discs returns with electro-dreampop song We Never Die
Debris Discs (the solo project from former Coves & Caves and My Side of the Mountain frontman and songwriter James Eary) is back with new hazily euphoric track ‘We Never Die’. The song is part two of James’s hope and survival audio triptych, following ‘Daniel and the Apocalypse’ released earlier in the year. This time around James ups the tempo with driving bass, bouncing beats and rousing choruses, tempered by woozy synths, twisted guitars and washed-out harmonics. The result is a disorientating slice of sonic
Inspired by a visit to his grandparent’s memorial bench on a windswept day on the North West English coast, We Never Die is James’s attempt to find comfort in the despair of loss. It tells the story of lifetime lovers so entwined they reach their end of days in tandem. They search for solace in the legacy they leave behind and a love that burns in perpetuity. It’s a message to each
other and their families that this is not the end. There are no goodbyes.

Debris Discs’ ‘We Never Die’ will be available through all major streaming
services and Bandcamp on Friday 20th March.

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