Here are the excuses: Been to Scotland for two days working, Mrs Engine wanted to go to Ikea, the dog ate my podcast notes, left them on the bus.... hey it's my show!!! I can do it when I want can't i? I'll get a note next time.

What's on the show Cas? Well we have plans for my pub journey around Derbyshire, Best buildings photo competition, The Podcast Easter Egg Hunt, who've you met miles from where you live and the most awesome tunage from Richie Tyler, AEW, Wynch ahead of the gig at 2010, Ferel Five, Lemonade Kid, Def Neon has an Easter song for us, Skaema and from Derby Rendacium and Before They Were Hanged.

I might be late, but I'm good to you! It's the Weekend so have a great one xxxxx

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