Yep, I've just come from fetching Herbie The Studio Dog in from his nightly tinkle and it is absolutely minging out there. I've been attempting to chop off all manner of body parts with tools and stuff today making a log shed and dashed in and out of showers all day... and wore a coat!!! It's crazy.

But I've been sent hot tunage so catch up with Famished for Blondes from Ashbourne straight from their performance on BBC Radio Derby, Andy Carr from Matlock, Lefty Chris from Wirksworth with an awesome live set, Oobleck funking it up with Green Gunk Funk and the incredible The Truth Sounds Different from Whatstandwell. No idea where these places are? Same here but it's all local artists and incredible sounds.

Add in a splash of Tangerine Beams from Canada, Jamie Jamal from Brighton, and The Frixion from both Essex and Germany and i reckon we cover audio miles by the million. All without and emissions except for all my hot air!

Love ya x

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