I can't believe it! It rains ALL weekend and then Monday morning (worst day of the week OFFICIAL) its gorgeous even though it's a bit nippy! Too much great music to ruin with chat this week. I've got new BFF's She's Got Spies and funksters Tangerine Beams who sent tracks to me for a possible airing. POSSIBLE, more like DEFO!! They are incredible. Add in Positronic's Michael McDannold, Triple Black Amoeba, the unbelievably talented and Derby's fave singsters The Herron Brothers, Sick Robot, electronic genius Analogue Electronic Whatever and The Delirium Trees with new single Closed Doors and you have a fantastic choon fest!

We're still flogging Naughty But Nice with a suggestion by @Shippa63, we want to know what you eat and do on Thanks Giving cos we don't have it in the UK, advent calendars, awesome pawsome and a major thanks message to my mates at PODBEAN xxx

See you soon 

Casimir X

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