I was absolutely shocked to hear that Kraftwerks Florian Schneider had died earlier today! I'm late putting out this weeks show but it gave me a chance to play music by artists that have been influenced by his work.

We chat about stuff you find during a Lockdown deep clean, Wotsit recipies, what you do with Pickled Lemons and how Mrs Engine called me a control freak!!!

Add to that some great music by Jigsaw Sequence, AGENCY-V, Analogue Electronic Whatever, Mood Taeg from Happy Robots Records, and a track from the new EP #40 by Rose and Cloud. They're donating a third of all sales to Refuge, a great organisation. Kay Burden has joined forces with Rich James from Pink Dolphin Music and produced the fab Mother Earth (Is Burning) and proceeds go to Medicins San Frontiere. I know money is tight for many at the moment but if you can, buy it now and if not stick a little reminder for when things get back towards some normality. 

Stay safe/cool/at home.

Cas x

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