Hello, Skreen and Blu here from The Beatbox Saboteurs, welcoming you to our debut podcast for The Casimir Engine Broadcast Network. 

No doubt, you probably have no idea who we are! That's fine, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and half a reel of gaffer tape, we have managed to cobble together a show giving you a brief history about ourselves. Call it: an introduction to the chaps beneath the top hats.

In the podcast you will discover some of the music we have been making since our schooldays, hear how we became championed by John Peel and what talent you need to have a top 5 chart hit. Yes, we were really famous once (as members of the Cuban Boys) - but now the memory has faded, the bitterness has gone and we can only recollect the fun parts......quite vaguely......and slowly......like two rusted cogs in the big music industry wheel.

Bear with us, the first show is just a throat-clearer - just something to help you know a little more about who we are.

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