On this weeks show we head off to a town that was a buzzing commercial centre when Liverpool was a swamp. Wirksworth, the capital of Mercia back in olden days (that's as specific as I get with dates!) and home town of The Royal Oak pub. We get a chance to chat about all things brewing with mien host Jim Stuart Angus to give his full name above the door, discover aliens in Bonsall, down a large glass of old building headaches, and hear the plans for the future of a pub that has been standing in the town since the 1600's.

Why does someone decide to take on a pub in the current economic climate when bars and drinking establishments are still closing on a daily basis? Why does someone open a pub when expecting a baby? Why does someone open a pub with impending heart surgery? Well you can just find out right here.

Now then how about a lager top with a packet of Scampi Fries!!!! 

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