I spent a brilliant afternoon with Carl, local beekeeper and as I found out, brewer of mead! We had a brilliant chat about his five bee hives, how he started, what makes him a beekeeper, I get to wear a uniform and almost overcome my innate fear of wabbies! It's thirsty work so what more do you need after a day in the hives but several glasses of aged Mead! It's the drink of the moment back in the 1700's but I reckon they knew a thing or two about brewing top booze. You can keep your Prosseco! I've gone all William Shakespeare and started wearing a Ruff!

To keep you entertained we have top sounds from Bird and Bee, Rose and Cloud, The Grey Disorder, Def Neon, Darren Claxton, and the wonderful sound of Ines Herrmann.

I'm off for a glass of Mead and a jousting contest with Mrs Engine!!!!

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