Blimey, it's rained nonstop for over 24 hours, not exactly monsoon weather but we've had floods! It gave me chance to don my wellies and chat across the pond with Synthwave producer and Drummist Eric Garwood. We chatted about his musical journey including electronic music but also shoegaze post punk stuff from his early days. We listen to his latest release Strange Attractors, taken from some early guitar, synth and drum driven tracks, we check out Particle Movement Theory one of Eric's Synthwave productions plus we find out if they play conkers in the US and if Halloween is really like the scene in ET with Trick or Treat, Pumpkin Lattes and Cinnamon!

Add to that the very ace Gdansk81 with the new EP Veneration Complex and a new track from Livingston based singer songwriter Michael Frazer.

My cold has almost gone but I'm off for yet another Honey and Hot Lemon!

Laters x

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