Oh my giddy aunt! It's been a week and a half for Casimir. We've had Snowmaggedon bringing the country to a complete halt. Lets face facts we probably had about two inches but Cas gets caught with his trousers down by the Old Bill. Add to that getting thrown out of Greggs in Mexborough and a complete melt down about parking in Matlock and you kind of get the idea Cas is in a mood!!

To improve matters we have awesome music from local bands Wynch, Left Hand Drive and Frank with a demo of the new single, plus new tracks from Lemonade Kid, Factory Act and A Passionate Void. It's cheaper than a Steak Bake with a Yum Yum and a Latte so fill yer boots and grab a nice slice of The Casimir Engine Show Podcast.... with extra hundreds and thousands. x

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