Happy New Year from the Casimir Engine Show Podcast Team!! Christmas is a disctant memory unless you're an all year round Christmas decorations fan! On this weeks show we ask if you've still got them up or if you couldn't wait to gerrum down. Now it's resolution time and by all accounts most people have broken promises to themselves already. But at Cas HQ we're trying to be as Veggie as possible. So far I've not had any meat between my lips. Not a sausage. How long will it last, I'm not sure but the plan is to cut right back. So have you changed diest, bought running gear, stopped smoking or carried on as your were? It's registration time and we want to know. We've got a What's On Gig List, some awesome tunes from as far as Niagra to Derby so download, stream or tunein. It's The Casimir Engine SHow Podcast! Spread the Word!!!! 

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