We've made it to EP27 before the hardware decides enough is enough. How can a laptop become sentient? It decided to blow a fuse just because I needed him! Luckily top tunage prevails. We have the awesome sounds of Paragon Cause, Chuck Wills makes a return with a new track and video, Analogue Electronic Whatever with another ace track from our album of 2018 The Year Dot, from Texas it's Brothers Burn, plus to get in the tinsel and turkey mood we have the fab Darren Claxton with an exclusive first listen to a great version of Let it Snow, Bad Mary blast our ear drums with the fantastic Silent Night and to calm us down Transmission 13 with Northern Lights. The banger comes from Stereo in Solo with Secret Secret, we have Stephen Newton with Nobody's Prayer, Wilton Sleeper appear for the first time with top track TV Queens and ahead of the gig at The George and Dragon in Belper with Node56's Live Music Lock Up on the 8th Dec we have Jack's Got a Plan. The Guvnor is back with new band to the show These Elegant Dead and top tune Chemicola! You'll love the show because the chat is minimal but we do consider the Christmas spirit, Myspace, do you live near an area where somethings been filmed or is famous, and do real men wear vests? All the important issues are discussed right here on The Casimir Engine Show    

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