We’re still opening the fan mail for Triple Black Amoeba John at Casimir HQ. I’m still hurting deep deep inside but I’ll get over it. What’s on the show this week Cas? Well I’ll tell you what! I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do to announce to the thousands of listeners that I loved having my hair checked for nits at school, or to from ridicule Morrisons shoppers, but hey ho… it’s done now! We have some AEWSOME music from AEW, to tunage from Jacks Got a Plan and Downer Disco, we’re grooving to Stuffmebobs and Jigsaw Sequence and punkin it up with Second Player Score. That’s Niagara Falls to Brisbane in just over an hour, plus we drop in at The North Pole for the first Christmas song. Love you all! Casimir xxx

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