Do you know that feeling when you chat about school days and all those memories come flooding back? Well today my school sports activities came back to haunt me and I bare my soul to the listeners. Add to that I had a chinwag over a virtual cuppa with Before They Are Hanged singster Simon Madden. New single Clenched Fist takes centre stage as we chat about gigs, the writing process, Cas reminisces about the punk gigs at the Adjanta cinema in Derby and we hear first hand that summat big is kicking off in May.

Add to that music from Oobleck, Rendacium, Luke Wall with new single Red Shoes and Diamond Bridges with Bad Habit. 

Treat yourself to a creme egg and enjoy some of the very best local music.

The news is showing Notre Dame burning after almost 900 years in the Paris skyline. We can't offer any help but we offer love and wishes to our European brothers and sisters with a special track from Parisian freinds Stereo in Solo x 

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