Yep, Mrs Engine is sketching nudie blokes on the BBC Life Drawing Live so I thought it best to lock myself in the studio just in case she wants me to pose! 

What's on the show? Well we have a new feature Show Us Your Raised Beds, we have a Sunflower Growing Competition, Harry Styles candles, we ask what you've been craving over Lockdown, I have a rant about Matlock Town Council, an anniversary celebration of a man attacking someone with a seagull and the Dorset Knob Eating Competition. So pretty much the same as normal.

Plus we have music from Sidehack in San Fransisco, we have Planet Andy in New Yawk, Synthax Xstructure from Mexico, RT Young, Debris Disc and Analogue Electroninc Whatever in Derbyshire, Volker Milch in Germany and Tangerine Beams in Canada.

We've got all areas covered, including my face with a mask so you're fairly safe.

Stay cool, stay safe and errrr, Stay Alert.

Cas xxx

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