Yep, this Lockdown thing is never ending! How has the weather held out and been so good. Would have been hell if it had rained like it normally does. But we could all have watched Slow TV!! This week I have mostly been watching Travels By Narrow Boat on Amazon TV with Kevin and Aslan! Its addictive but in no way can it be classed as exciting!!! I post it up on Twitter and my account goes bonkers. Never, EVER criticise what people watch.

We've got old people chat and why I think Copper is the new cure all. We have an ace sponsor on the show..... Guv'nor Vintage Beard Balm! We load up the advertising voice and give this new start business a shout out! Check it all out on Facebook.

We have music from as far afield as Belper, California, Hamburg, The West Midlands, Bournemouth, Falkirk and Bristol and Cas tries his best to do the accent of all of them!

Hope you're all keeping safe. Stay cool people!!

Cas x

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