We wish you a merry Christmas from everyone at the Casimir Engine HQ!!

Its getting festive, my nut bag is empty, the pigs in blankets are just blankets and Mrs Engines finished off the Pork Pies already. The Ghosts of Past Present and Future are coming to visit any day now so I'd better start being good.

Well it can't get any gooder than this! Darley Dale Brass Band were kind enough to let me invade the concert performed on the Friday before Christmas where we all ended up slightly happier than we should and singing at the top of our voices. Just before that I'd gatecrashed a practice of the Matlock Ukulele Orchestra who were performing at Designate at the Gate on Smedley Street in Matlock. I was soooo exhausted it took a few pints just to up my sugar levels!!!

I had a great time and both of the Orchestras were fab!

We do wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Much Love Casimir xxx


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