Yep, the world is officially bonkers! Boris has said stay in your house so... STAY IN YOUR HOUSES!! It's not a holiday. There's loads to keep you company including Podcasts so why not start with this one and check out some great new fave bands including Tangerine Beams, The Cowls, Quantum Zone, Sombre Moon, Roman Angelous, Iterations, Into The Blood, This Human Condition, Stereo in Solo and Kay Burden! You might just find your next best thing right here.

Add to that Casimirs latest tasty treat, my Masterchef rant, Marmalade Festival Judges rant, washing your hands a million times and how you can catch Cas LIVE!

Its ace, it's loud but most of all it's FUN.

Take time out and have yourself a giggle.

Love ya if you wash your hands xx

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