If you want great Christmas ideas and great music all at the same time then you've come to the right place. What's on the show, well we have some Americans explain to us Brits what Thanksgiving is, and tell us that you can make a pie out of pumpkins?? I'm not sure about some of it but when a cheese fondue gets a shout out, you know Cas is thinking about Thanksgiving in the UK! We have Naughty but Nice and Tasty with a cheese theme, we chat expensive Santa's and how long the queue to get into his Grotto was on the 23rd Nov, and we find out that Black Friday is all a big con!!

Unofficially sponsored by Ryvita Crispbreads and this week our new friends at www.inmusicwetrust.co.uk who sell great t shirts, hoodies, beanies with 50% of the proceeds going to MIND Charity. Go grab some Christmas gifts that do good things for people who need it!!!

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