Its Party Time with Casimir! I didn't get an invite to any this year so I've had my own. One bag of Dorittos and a can of Diet Sprite and it's all systems go!!! Me and Herbs get down to some of the best tracks to groove to, banging choons to get you on the dance floor and let your hair and other things down.

So if you're sitting watching someone get murdered on Eastenders (no spoilers cos it happens every year!) and you fancy getting Jiggy with Cas, then switch it on and we can dance till dawn!!!

Great choons from Stereo in Solo, Tangerine Dreams, Kay Burden and Fused, Valley of the Crow, Wwoman, Vitue Mend, The Frixion, Glyda, Magdelana Bay, Def Neon, Wolf Club, Theater Kids, Eric C Powell, Into The Blood, Nikonn and Jigsaw Sequence! 


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