Its The Boris BBQ Boogie!

Me and Mrs Engine are having a SAFE BBQ, (well actually it's a home made pizza but as I'm a veggie, stuff cooked on a BBQ tend to be just burnt Halloumi and Asparagus!) and we wanted to share the best Summer Sounds with you! 

So our advice is Don't Do What Boris Says, stay safe, stay cool and dance your ass off to the very brilliant:

Tangerine Beams , Stereo in Solo featuring Kay Burden, Eric C Powell and Andrea Powell with a Cheddr remix, Iterations, Claes and Jens from Into The Blood, Sombre Moon, Positronic, The Rude Awakening, Jonteknik and a Staggman remix, Darwin McD and Click feat Eric C Powell (again!!!), Simon Irvine, Real Experts, Chinese Disco, Valley of the Crow, and Tangerine Beams with the awesome Halcyon.

So grab a cold one and be cool!

Cas and Mrs Engine XXX

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