This week we meet the fantastic Rose & Cloud, a spoken word and music duo from over the hills in Staffordshire. 

Emily and John talk me through the year long Rose &Cloud project, how they met, how they found a love of spoken word and how they've managed to bring everything together with what I can only amateurishly describe as a cool, ambient musical arrangement. Believe me Rose & Cloud describe it much, much better than I can.

From my disaster with jacket potatoes, through to performance issues in pubs, from the Poet Laureate for Staffordshire to debut EP "It's Only Thursday" you're going to absolutely love John and Emily's honest approach to their craft. It's a melancholy with hope, it's fresh and interesting.

So grab a pot of tea or a glass of wine and meet John McLeod and Emily Rose Galvin....

Rose & Cloud 

Laters x 

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