Yep, we're in Lockdown at The Casimir Engine Show studios and the loo roll is on rations! What's on the show then Cas if you're trapped from the world at large which isn't a bad thing for everyone! Well I've been all over the place and this week we are chatting about shopping, TV recommendations, life coaching tips from yours truely, we have podcast suggestions, jingle writing problems and a thought for the old lady down the road who wanted me to go to the supermarket for a TV Quick and some AAA batteries!!! I'm not risking my life for your TV remote and the chance that you might miss Eastenders!!!!

Anyway, clam thoughts Casimir and cool music. We have Roman Angelous, The Brothers Burn, Eric C Powell, EYEBALL, Lefty Chris, TokioSS, Analogue Electronic Whatever, Sombre Moon, Sidehack, Still Forever and Tangerine Beams!

The tune cannon is loaded and the fuse lit. 

Don't waste your internet, download it and listen when you're ready. It's easy peasy lemon squeasy!!!

Love you x

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