What a rubbish time the world is having. Stay indoors and stay well. Crank up you blue tooth speaker and enjoy the very best music and the very worst of chit chat.

Cas is in a ranty mood where chocolate has gone mad with Mint Favoured Malteser Buttons, Pineapple Jaffa Cakes, and Peanut Kit Kats! Don't mess with classics. 

We also chat about my binge eating habits, the craze for exercise, the need for people to watch absolutely anything and events I have during the day to try and keep me on track.

To balance the show out we have excellent music from Eric C Powell, Sombre Moon, Egoistic Party straight from the brand new Get Your Genki Vol 5, we have Oh! You Pretty Things from the House of Beauty record label, we have Nature of Wires featuring Stephen Newton, Tangerine Beams, Millennium Falk, The Quantum Zone and Still Forever Live from the Living Room!

Please Please stay and safe as you possibly can!

Casimir xxx

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