This week I managed to grab an hour with top synthesized ivory tinkler Gary Watts, the man behind the very awesome Nature of Wires. 

From Casimir Towers bouncing a signal off the Hubble Telescope and routing it through the Large Hadron Collider, we managed tp make contact with deepest darkest Herefordshire for a good old chinwag. 

We find out the secrets of the band, the re mixer and the producer, how a short break turned into a twenty year sabbatical and how the current Pandemic is having an effect on music makers across the world.

Gary explains his connection with Analogue Trash, provides some geek chat for the synth aficionados and talks me through a few tracks from NOW.

So download, sit back in the sunshine and I hope you enjoy listening to Gary Watts as much as I did.

Stay safe, stay at home and take care. Cas x

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