It's a sweaty night and Cas is melting in his shorts. He's not gone commando so your're safe to tune in.

What's on the show?? Well we have the poshest cutlery chat known to man, What's Got Cas's Goat? we have Rum Lad badge chat plus the new EP Spitall Hill, Macrame and spider plants plus we have Jane McDonald and Aldi croissants.

Add to that ace tunage by Chork in Belper, Jacks Got a Plan in Belper, Jamie Joseph in Derby, Low Tide Theory in North Devon, Projekt Ich with a German French combo, Rebel Troubadour in Stoney Middleton, and Valley of the Crow in Cardiff!

I'm off for a Magnum and a lie down. Catch me on on Mondays at 8pm

Laters x  

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