Phew it's 'ot!!! It's a steamy night in the centre of the universe.... Matlock, Derbyshire and we've been expecting thunder and lightening. Nothing yet but we make the earth move for you on this weeks show. We have top tunes from Debris Disc from the dizzying High Peak in Derbyshire, we have Rum Lad from South Normanton, we have Polyhymns from the metropolis of Sheffield, Spray from Lancashire, Simon Irvine who lives near where I lived in Brisbane, Tangerine Beams from Canada and all the way from the set of Bonanza we have The Brothers Burn!!!

What you chit chattin about Cas? Well I got embroiled in a drug trafficking situation, I'm knee deep in dog poo, I look like a prison inmate and my face has grown by 35%.

That enough for you?

Love you x

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