Yes it's a Derbyshire Special where we thank the businesses, bands, artists, groups and people who are helping everyone to get through the current situation. Who's on the show Cas? Well we have Darren Claxton, Jacks Got a Plan, we have an interview with The Covidiots that might contain a sweary word!!! we have Psychicbread, Mark Gwynne Jones, Analogue Electronic Whatever plus the Voices of the Peak project available on We salute as many businesses possible and apologise to anyone that we've missed. Most of all we salute all of the Key workers, The Postman, The Bin Man, The Delivery Guys, The Council Workers, the Shop Workers, all Carers looking after our loved ones, the incredible NHS who have always been there for us, all of the Tech companies making it easy for us to Zoom, Tweet, Facebook and message, the power companies and all of the people who have Stayed At Home, Stayed Safe and Protected The NHS.

Much Love. Cas x

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