I've been for a walk with Herbs and i'm cream crackered! Its that time of year when everyone is health conscious for a couple of weeks and then the world gets back to normal. Mrs Engine is on a mission to get me fit, so every night we trudge around Matlock. Herb loves it so I'm ok with it! 

We've been inundated with new music on The Casimir Engine Show hotline. We're missing some new tunage from Derbyshire but luckily Debris Discs comes to the rescue from the far reaches of the county. Add to that some fab sounds from Canada, our friends at Get Your Genki bring us The Jungles direct from Japan, from Huddersfield we meet the incredible Scaramanga Six and from over the pond we meet newbie Here On Mars who are definitely still in Kansas and Eric C Powell with his latest sounds!

It's the future, it's a new year, lets make it brilliant!

Casimir x

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