Lockdown has changed everyone's lives, but how's it effected you? I'm gardening like Percy Thrower, I'm painting my sheds like Monet, I've made raised beds for my Spuds, and I can recite the beginning to Pointless with my eyes closed!

To keep me sane I'm lucky enough to have some great musical friends. Catch up with new music from Michael Fraser, a new track for me but an oldie from Nature of Wires, 3 Second Fuse from Matlock, Belpers very own Jacks Got a Plan with a cracking new single, Analogue Electronic Whatever with People are Legion, new music from California from Postronic, San Remo sends over the beautiful Cape Weather and we the incredible Brothers Burn all the way from Texas.

Grab a cuppa and lets have a chat.

Cas x

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