Yep it's been Maple Syrup on toast for tea at Casimir Engine HQ as we celebrate all things Canadian... well actually I only found out ten minutes ago so no mention of it until the very end. But we do ask the questions the working man wants answers to including What is the appropriate clothing for men in hot weather, we ask What clubs were you in at school, We rejoice at the fact that Casimir hasn't had to endure Wimbledon this year and we've boogied along to the awesome sounds of Rum Lad from the new CD that landed in my postbox today, from Vardy who sent his track through on Monday, Screamershock straight from Pink Dolphin Records, from Jigsaw Sequence who's new single Time Will Tell that landed in my inbox yesterday, Into The Blood with the brand new Caboan Remix of Somebody  Else, we have ace producer and new show BFF.... from Sheffield it's Cobbler, we have birthday boys Eric C Powell and Diar Black, and the hauntingly beautiful Hide and Seek by The Sunflower Thieves.

So get those three quarter length shorts on, sort out a hat and slip on those flip flops and cool down with Cas!

Stay safe kids xxx 

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