Yep, we've decided to add an extra show as an apology for the sound on last nights live broadcast. I think I know the problem but as usual it's going to take a bit of time whilst I save my pocket money.

Tonight's show is unashamedly Synthy, with fab artists including Analogue Electronic Whatever with Owl Service from the new album More Right Than Wobble, we have Debris Discs, Famished for Blonds with a new track Under the Planets of Chelsea, The Cowls from the USA, Positronic with a great jingle from Michael Positronic, Vieon with Proteus ahead of the gig in Coventry, plus Light Emitting Dinosaurs, The Frixion, Trade Secrets, Simon Irvine and The Bothers Burn.

I hope it goes some way to saying I'm sorry. What it did do is get me out of watching The Great British Bake Off!!!

More tea Vicar? 😜

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