Flippin eck! It's blistering in the studio tonight. It might be chilly where you live but in Blighty we aint used to the hot weather. After a holiday weekend of binge watching Killing Eve (don't tell me the ending!!) I'm back in the saddle. My guest went away for the weekend so I'm home alone. All I need is a pack of Pink Iced Rings, a cup of tea and a mic to guide me by. Grab some awesome tunes from prog to electronica including show newbies Black Hats all the way from Oxford, Husk from Manchester and The Mighty Avon Jnr from Dublin.  

We chat about everything from The Impossible Burger, local Derbys, to PDA's and carry on with the lamest feature ever broadcast Naughty But Nice.

Grab a cold stiff one, a nibble or two and make yourself comfy cos Casimirs coming! 

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