Casimir is back from the pub and launches a brand new feature! Do you live near a town, road lane... in fact anywhere with a saucy name? We wanna know for Naughty Not Nice (like the French town way of saying Nice, not Nice... oh I give up.) We do banana chat, find out where you can be arrested for having a Vicks Inhaler, meet an over enthusiastic shop assistant and hear some terrible catchphrases plus we hear about Cas on his never ending diet and pretty much munch on celery for an hour.  

To improve things we have some fab tracks by Spray, Volker Milch, Subclass, Stocks & Skins, The Soap Girls, Notorious Lightbulb, Nature of Wires and We Are Parkas. 

Catch up with Casimir and let me know your Naughty Not Nice place!!!

Special thanks to James Watt for saying Kumquat!

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