November 5th doesn't mean much to anyone outside of the UK but it's a night when we celebrate a man who plotted the downfall of the government. A bit drastic sticking ten million tons of dynamite under Big Ben but where's Guy Fawkes when he's needed!! We celebrate Bonfire Night and ask "Penny for the Guy" with top tunes and new tracks by The Herron Brothers, The Cowls, Michael Frazer, Simon Irvine, Life as a Surface Noise, Andrik Arkane and the extra fabulous Thierry Noritop and Stereo in Solo!

It's also the last Naughty But Nice unless we get asked for more, we chat Casimirs glue incident, Mrs Engines gloves almost get a mention and how Podcasting has changed the way people talk to me!

Ah well, it's me own fault. Laters x

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