Yep, Lefty Chris from Wirksworth has an album launch event. So to celebrate we have two amazing tracks from his new CD. We also have great new music from our friends at Quick Fix Recordings who have sent through rap artist Half Decent and the fantastic Lee Christian. We have more local music including the absolutely massive new track Godswell from RT Young, we have Checkovs Beautiful Gun with the beautiful new track Swans, Rock and Blues from Jamie Woodfin Junior, Into The Blood have sent the latest single We Won't Forget all the way from Denmark and we have more tunes from the Get Your Genki compilations and the great new single from Falkirk based synth maestro Jigsaw Sequence!

Cas throws in Naughty But Websites, we chat Green Laneing, we have a certificate from our friends at Made in Derbyshire (cos thats where we are from!) Mrs Engine has some new aromatherapathetic socks, we chat Vegan and veggie, astronomy and of course Herbie The Studio Dog gets in on the act!

Love ya x

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