Bonjour Mon Amis!

Cas here with top tunage and loads of Loosened Lockdown chat. How long would you queue for a Big Mac?? Ten mins, fifteen? Not two and a half hours like some did in Derby. Then the world here's that some bozo in Sutton in Ashfield camped out overnight to ensure he was first in the queue! Find out right here what happened. Also we have tips on how to be old, is our neighbour still sanding the new featurete "I'm Still Sanding Yeah Yeah Yeah", we also chat Launch America, Mrs Engine explaining about rice, I've made it onto a DIY website and do you have specialist cutlery??? 

We have brilliant music from Adorns from the House of Beauty Vol 2, Ballad Power from the Derbyshire Covidiots, the beautiful Static Shore, from North Carolina we have Synthwave Redneck, Sidehack from San Fransico, we have a beautiful new track by local girl Lucy James from Matlock, and all the way from Whatstandwell we have a new single from the very ace Analogue Electronic Whatever! 

I'm off for a cuppa tea! Thanks for the lovely mention @countryhousegnt on Twitter!!!

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