How is it that holidays just fly by? Well mines over for a while so it's back with some music to get us through the Corona Virus! I'm hoping that Cadburys Creme Eggs are a cure all but after several hundred weight of them I think I might be wrong. No harm in trying.

What's on the show? Well we have new Record Shop news, I've won a prize, Coffee cup chat, why can't southerners get chips right, what you have on them if gravy isn't around and Borne or Bond?

We've got great music from Eric C Powell, Stereo in Solo, Kay Burden, from my man across the water San Remo sends Bangalu, we also have The Grey Disorder, Debris Discs, Secret Treehouse from Bergen in Norway, Michael Frazer, This Human Condition, Analogue Electronic Whatever and Bark Mailey. 

Check them all out, you won't regret it!!!!

Be careful of the germs, wash your hands and be safe x

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