Attempting to retain some youth, Cas has spaffed his pocket money on trainers that only teenagers should wear! But when you add in the awesome merch from Casimir looks the mutts doodahs! Whats on the show? We have a chat about Jam, we discuss the phenomenon that is gift buying for teachers at Christmas, Cas gives you four ways to rid a hangover and we have the most incredible music from Def Neon, Jigsaw Sequence with Kay Burden on vocals and Nature of Wires on the remix desk, we have half of Marsheaux and NIKONN with the brand new track Disconnected, Andy Page, 5 Hills Out and Darren Claxton bring you Christmas songs from Derbyshire, and ahead of the election, from the new EP The End is Nigh we have electronic genius'sus(!!!) Analogue Electronic Whatever.

Warning! If anyone steps on my new trainers, there will be trouble!!!!


Love you x

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