Archive for July 2020

Yep, I've started to prepare for the world Marmalade Championships held in Wirksworth at the Royal Oak because of my pathetic efforts last year. It's ...View Details

Yep, it's fat lip Cas after an afternoon of Harmonica noodling. So to have a break we've lined up top tunes. We've got All Atomic and Simon Stuffmebob...View Details

Yep, I've just come from fetching Herbie The Studio Dog in from his nightly tinkle and it is absolutely minging out there. I've been attempting to cho...View Details

For obvious reasons, The Matlock Bath Music Festival has been cancelled for 2020 so to try and bring everyone the experience of the event, the guys An...View Details

The Lockdown restrictions have been lifted that bit more and ever since it's been teeming down with rain. So what to do Cas? This week we chat about t...View Details

Yep it's been Maple Syrup on toast for tea at Casimir Engine HQ as we celebrate all things Canadian... well actually I only found out ten minutes ago ...View Details

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