Archive for October 2019

Blimey, it's rained nonstop for over 24 hours, not exactly monsoon weather but we've had floods! It gave me chance to don my wellies and chat across t...View Details

Blimey I feel shocking but our unofficial sponsors at Ryvita bring life to The Casimir Engine with a sesame seed crisp bread and Nutella! Beautiful. A...View Details

Yep, we've decided to add an extra show as an apology for the sound on last nights live broadcast. I think I know the problem but as usual it's going ...View Details

It's the very first Casimir Engine Show Podcast LIVE! How's that work? It's podcast magic like off of Harry Potter!! This week we have ace bands Analo...View Details

TBA John skips his Strictly Come Dancing evening to join team Casimir's presenting crew. We get the chance to chat with AEW's Mr Bee about the new alb...View Details

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