Archive for October 2018

Holy Shiz! Casimir is bobbing his pants cos it’s an All Hallows Eve Special! We’ve got a ghosty spooky story about Gibbeting, we chat about the best r...View Details

It’s the shows 21st birthday today and rather than 21 Jager Bombs, Cas sucks on a fisherman’s friend and whinges about a sore throat. It’s been a busy...View Details

I never thought I’d answer the phone to anyone in the place that globe- trotting photographer Louise called from! It’s amazing. Then hear my chat with...View Details

My Mum used to tell me that if I drank coffee it would make my face go yellow! And spiders in Bananas? It’s a wonder I became the sensible pillar of s...View Details

It’s a coming of age EP 18 this week. We’re reminiscing about things we’ve learnt at school and still use, things we were told and believed, how even ...View Details

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