In October, National Album Day 2020 had an 80's theme. How can The Casimir Engine Show celebrate the decade he finds so hard to leave?? As a young man...View Details

Yep, I got to meet up for a socially distanced chat with Derbyshire synthster Mr Bee to introduce Analogue Electronic Whatever new album Was That Last...View Details

Yes, we've managed to grab Nigel Bradbury from the top of Mam Tor and get him back into the Podcast HQ to tell us everything that's happening in the h...View Details

This week we meet up with German based record label owner Christian from Get Your Genki! He tells us all about his fascination with Japanese music, ho...View Details

Mrs Engine has given me jobs to do in the Greenhouse so I picked up the recorder and took you all with me. Look at the size of that cucumber! We chat ...View Details

Yep, it's been a bit of a week. I've been stung, I've been scratched, nettled, fallen in mud... you name it. It's apparently called foraging but it's ...View Details

At a suitable social distance I managed to grab a chat with Andy Page, singer songwriter from the Matlock and Darley Dale area ahead of the launch of ...View Details

Yep, it's a two podcast week for Cas. Later tonight I'm chatting with Andy Page but I've had that much stuff sent through I needed to get the music ou...View Details

Yep, we're back in the saddle after a week of the worst-est toothache evah!! And not surprisingly Cas is to scaredy cat to got to the dentist. I just ...View Details

We welcome super guest presenter Mr Skreen back for the second Beatbox Saboteurs show. How on earth they find the brilliant music from the furthest co...View Details

Yep, I've started to prepare for the world Marmalade Championships held in Wirksworth at the Royal Oak because of my pathetic efforts last year. It's ...View Details

Yep, it's fat lip Cas after an afternoon of Harmonica noodling. So to have a break we've lined up top tunes. We've got All Atomic and Simon Stuffmebob...View Details

Yep, I've just come from fetching Herbie The Studio Dog in from his nightly tinkle and it is absolutely minging out there. I've been attempting to cho...View Details

For obvious reasons, The Matlock Bath Music Festival has been cancelled for 2020 so to try and bring everyone the experience of the event, the guys An...View Details

The Lockdown restrictions have been lifted that bit more and ever since it's been teeming down with rain. So what to do Cas? This week we chat about t...View Details

Yep it's been Maple Syrup on toast for tea at Casimir Engine HQ as we celebrate all things Canadian... well actually I only found out ten minutes ago ...View Details

It's a sweaty night and Cas is melting in his shorts. He's not gone commando so your're safe to tune in. What's on the show?? Well we have the poshest...View Details

Phew it's 'ot!!! It's a steamy night in the centre of the universe.... Matlock, Derbyshire and we've been expecting thunder and lightening. Nothing ye...View Details

Is that really what's on the show? Yep, you'd better believe it, plus we have new slang chat from Cas's new internet course so Yeah Bae, This Podcast ...View Details

Bonjour Mon Amis! Cas here with top tunage and loads of Loosened Lockdown chat. How long would you queue for a Big Mac?? Ten mins, fifteen? Not two an...View Details

Hello, Skreen and Blu here from The Beatbox Saboteurs, welcoming you to our debut podcast for The Casimir Engine Broadcast Network.  No doubt, you pro...View Details

Its The Boris BBQ Boogie!

Me and Mrs Engine are having a SAFE BBQ, (well actually it's a home made pizza but as I'm a veggie, stuff cooked on a BBQ tend to be just burnt Hallou...View Details

We're all giddy about the launch of the Space X rocket tonight so Cas is gabbling like a mad man! We have some fab music from Agency V from the latest...View Details

Yep, this Lockdown thing is never ending! How has the weather held out and been so good. Would have been hell if it had rained like it normally does. ...View Details

Yep, Mrs Engine is sketching nudie blokes on the BBC Life Drawing Live so I thought it best to lock myself in the studio just in case she wants me to ...View Details

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